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STOTT Pilates ®

Pilates at LifeBridge Health and FitnessWith an emphasis on breath, core conditioning and body awareness, STOTT PILATES® exercise is a safe and highly effective way to stretch, strengthen and streamline your body without building bulk or stressing your joints. Performed on a mat or specialized equipment, STOTT PILATES® is a fitness regime for a lifetime. The perfect complement to cardiovascular exercise, sports, rehab and life, STOTT PILATES® will leave you looking toned, feeling revitalized and moving with ease.

As further testament to our high standards of excellence, LifeBridge Health & Fitness and Northeast Pilates Education Center have partnered to offer a STOTT PILATES® certification center. We provide STOTT PILATES® teacher training and education. In other words, when Maryland’s Pilates instructors wish to be trained and certified in STOTT PILATES®, they come to us!

The benefits of STOTT PILATES® include:STOTT Pilates

  • Longer, leaner muscles (less bulk, more freedom of movement)
  • Improved posture
  • Increased core strength/stability and peripheral mobility
  • Injury prevention
  • Enhanced functional fitness and ease of movement
  • Balance, strength and flexibility
  • Heightened body awareness
  • No-impact – easy on the joints
  • Can be customized to suit everyone from rehab patients to elite athletes
  • Complements other methods of exercise
  • Improved performance in sports (golf, skiing, skating, etc.)
  • Improved coordination and circulation

Pilates Mat, Reformer and Full Studio Classes
Our certified STOTT PILATES® instructors provide participants with progressive instruction from beginner to advanced in a small group setting. Non-members are welcome!

One-on-One Pilates
Experience the benefit of one-on-one Pilates instruction in a private studio setting. Let our experienced instructors teach you the correct techniques of this core-challenging, body-transforming method. Sessions are available in packages of one, five, 10 and 20. Non-members are welcome!

For more information, please contact:
Mary Keen
410-318-6831 •