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Massage Therapy – Be a Healthier You!

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Massage Therapy is an essential component of the LifeBridge Health & Fitness (LBH&F) wellness program — which we’ve designed to prolong and maintain your good health.

Fully licensed at the state and national levels, our highly skilled massage therapists specialize in a variety of massage techniques, including Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, and neuromuscular therapy. Along with stress reduction, our prime objective is to help you alleviate pain associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other chronic conditions — and to help you learn about your body and its particular needs — in the process.

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For Pain Relief & Prevention
Our massage therapists hold specialized certifications and have undergone intensive training for these modalities — qualifications that are hard to find in most other massage clinics. Whether your issue is chronic pain or acute pain, our goal is to provide you with as much effective pain relief as possible. Our care doesn’t just focus on the site of pain, but also on the supporting muscles that are either causing the pain and/or are compensating for the pain.

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)
Treatment begins with a postural screening to evaluate your biomechanics and range of motion, and is then followed by soft tissue techniques to target and alleviate painful trigger points. Trigger points often cause pain referrals to supporting muscles.
We will address all of these issues in one all-inclusive massage.
Our Neuromuscular Therapy starts at $100.

Massage RoomThe Dig Deep Massage
If you do not need the intensity of an NMT session, then this modality may be a good fit. We apply firm pressure to work through the layers of muscle in specific, painful areas of the body.
The Dig Deep Massage starts at $90.

For Overall Well-Being – The Ahh! Effect
The following modalities help relax the entire body by significantly lowering the stress hormone, cortisol. These techniques also assist with increasing the levels of oxygen in the body to nourish the stressed and taxed soft tissue. It can even help promote the production of lymphocytes—your immune system’s white blood cells that fight off colds and the flu. The result? A healthier you!

The Bridge Massage
Our signature full-body massage bridges Swedish and deep tissue techniques.
Starting at $69 for new clients and $85 for returning clients, the Bridge Massage is sure to alleviate your chronic aches and pains.

Mama to BeMassage
Prenatal massage can help alleviate many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, leg cramps, headaches, and edema.
Please speak with your doctor to learn if pregnancy massage is recommended. You must be in your second trimester.
Starting at $90, the Mama to Be massage will calm you, reassure you, and bring you the peace and tranquility you’ll need to get you ready for the big day!

The Zenssage (Thai Therapy)
With influences of Thailand, Tibet, and India, this bodywork is considered to be a martial art for healing. It is a combination of deep yoga stretching with Swedish and deep tissue massage.
Starting at $90, the Zenssage will help you fend off life’s many stressors.

The LifeBridge Express
This 30-minute version of the Bridge Massage is perfect when you’re on the go.
For only $55, you can stop by, de-stress, and regroup.
*Clients will receive a peppermint foot rub at the end of each session.

Mobile Chair Massage
The Mobile Chair Massage is the easiest and most affordable way to provide your employees with important health benefits. With just 10 minutes of chair massage a week, it has been scientifically proven that you can lower stress, reduce muscle tension, rejuvenate the mind and body, and foster alertness.

Arranging on-site chair massage with LBH&F is easy and hassle-free! With our all-inclusive rate, we take care of everything!

We come to your:

  • Office
  • Corporate functions
  • Special occasions

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What are you waiting for?

Schedule a massage today to experience all the benefits, including increased flexibility and joint range of motion, reduced pain, enhanced energy and endurance, and a steep decline in your stress level!

**We offer morning, afternoon, and evening appointments, seven days a week.**

To schedule a massage therapy session, please visit or our call our service desk at 410.484.6800.

For questions about specific massage therapy modalities, please call our massage team lead, Tammy Taylor, at 410.318.6819.